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The Story of Cult babyicon

The concept of Cult was conceived by founder Doug McIntyre while sitting in a creative war room at a big ad agency in 2002. The creative team was throwing out random ideas for a campaign and McIntyre realized it was like throwing noodles at a wall to see what sticks. There was no key insight or big strategic idea driving the process. In essence the traditional process was ass-backwards. Cult was created to solve this problem.

Part truth seeker and part creative rebel, Cult’s high-impact brand strategies and unexpected ideas are based on strategic insights using innovative research methodologies and designs.

We align with companies with an itch to grow. Companies that want to break through the market miasma. Or blast a new product into the market.

We promise to disrupt.

What do you expect from a company called Cult Marketing?

Our Culture

So, if you are thinking about working with Cult, you’ll want to understand our culture.

After all, relationships are damn important.

Here are our core values:

Positive energy work environment • Be open, direct and honest in all communication
Make it great every time • Collaboration • Strategic risk taking
Continual learning, innovation, and resourcefulness • Fun and quirkiness • Passion
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