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Georgia Boot — Brand Reinvention

Brand Reinvention

Georgia Boot, established in 1937, is one of the premium product lines inside a portfolio of brands owned by Rocky Brands. Cult was asked to create a strategy for Georgia that would re-establish the values of the brand, and re-connect with their core consumers.

Wei East — Social & Digital

Wei East wanted to create buzz around their 10th anniversary HSN event, and build a base of new customers on digital platforms. Cult developed a digital plan including targeted creative and ads, online social contests and customized email campaigns.

Big Lots — Retail Evaluation

A $6B retailer with more than 1,400 stores nationally, Big Lots asked Cult to develop strategies to transition their “Hesitator” customer segment into regular, loyal shoppers.

The approach for Big Lots included understanding the hesitators’ in-store brand experience, shopper perceptions of the store environment and brand, shopper navigation mapping and in-store barriers to purchase. Understanding issues in the furniture section and consumer’s purchase decisions in this category were also critical.

Our work delivered over 50 innovative ways to improve the in-store brand experience and better engage the “Hesitator” consumer.

Bath & Body Works — Social Media

Looking for a way to validate their social media strategy and identify best practices across the interactive spectrum, Bath & Body Works (BBW) consulted with Cult Marketing to help in the development of a complete social media strategy.

Bath & Body Works — Strategy


Les Wexner, Founder and Chairman of Limited Brands asked, “Do we really know who our customers are anymore?” This question launched a comprehensive customer intimacy initiative for its Bath & Body Works division. The work was conducted in seven markets by Cult Marketing and included teams from BBW. We went in homes and visited stores, discovering key emotional and functional connections to the brand.


As a start-up in the highly competitive retail services category, FacilitySource had developed an innovative approach to retail facility maintenance and management. The burning question for the company was, “How do we get FacilitySource noticed, and retailers interested in our services?” Making a splash at the industry’s largest trade event would be challenging, but proved to be a smart choice.

Cult developed an integrated launch strategy to answer the question. Designing a multi-faceted approach, we developed a series of components all designed to set FacilitySource apart from competitors. A smart theme, “Retail Secret Weapon” was utilized to drive traffic and interest to their booth with dramatic results.

Go Smile – New Product Development

New Product Development

Go Smile is a luxury teeth whitening system sold through Sephora and other high end beauty stores. Cult was asked to review the usability and efficacy of the existing system, and identify new product and channel opportunities. Our process took us deep into the motivations of people using teeth whitening systems.

Durango — Brand Reinvention

Brand Reinvention

Durango, a heritage footwear line, is one of the premium product lines inside a portfolio of brands owned by Rocky Outdoor Gear. Cult was asked to create astrategy for Durango that would change the perception of the brand, which had become stale and uninspired.


Wayne Dalton is one of the largest manufacturers of garage doors in the United States. A startling insight uncovered that garage doors – which often make up 33% of a home’s exterior – were a completely unbranded category. This presented a great opportunity for Wayne Dalton to create a brand in a premium position and a selling story that could change the category.

Big Lots – Private Label Brand Strategy

Cult Marketing was asked to perform a brand audit and strategy review of Big Lots’ Great Gatherings private label product packaging. We completed a competitive brand audit of the product category and presented recommendations to enhance the position of the Great Gatherings brand through messaging and packaging design.

How do multinational organizations adopt wireless technologies? This is the question that Nokia was asking and we were tasked with understanding. Our approach lead us to key insights that opened up new selling strategies for Nokia.

Georgia Boot — Brand Reinvention Georgia Boot — Brand Reinvention
Wei East — Social & Digital Wei East — Social & Digital
Big Lots — Retail Evaluation Big Lots — Retail Evaluation
Bath & Body Works — Social Media Bath & Body Works — Social Media
Bath & Body Works — Strategy Bath & Body Works — Strategy
FacilitySource FacilitySource
Go Smile – New Product Development Go Smile – New Product Development
Durango — Brand Reinvention Durango — Brand Reinvention
Wayne-Dalton Wayne-Dalton
Big Lots – Private Label Brand Strategy Big Lots – Private Label Brand Strategy
Nokia Nokia


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