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A cult is a self-identified group of people that share a passion or an interest. When a brand becomes a cult brand, it has achieved the highest level of emotional connection to its consumers. We seek to help companies attain this rarified status.

Cult has unique approaches that no one else can give you. We extract insights from a deeper subconscious level which allows us to execute our creative to have more emotional impact.

Let us explain how we accomplish this.

But first…

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clarity + impactClarity + Impact

Cult provides these two critical elements for a company’s growth and success.

Clarity is established from the breakthrough scientific processes that help us gain extraordinary insights into the mind of your consumer. NarrativeLogic™, Enhanced Ethnography, Quantitative Validation and Brand Strategy is our “bread and butter”. From there, we take that knowledge and utilize it to make impactful creative and market implementation. Work that will hit your consumer in the right part of their mind, making the emotional connection with them and will, in turn, help your brand grow.

Let’s face it: Who doesn’t want growth?


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