Social media evolution

Social media is now part of our world, and not just for personal communication and sharing. The evolution of how social media has blurred the lines between work and personal life is the most fascinating to me. I can admit that our team was somewhat alarmed when clients started friending us on Facebook in 2010; and how did mom and grandma become so active this year?! Well, this is our reality now, and platforms and social efforts will continue to merge in 2012.

Social media for business will continue to be an integral part of marketing initiatives as a majority of businesses increase social and mobile marketing budgets while scaling back on print and display advertising. Whether they work in B2B or B2C marketing, marketers are very well aware that consumers are driving the shift in sales and conversions, and marketers are following suit.

So how else will social media in 2012 evolve? Here’s the opinion of Cult’s expert, Andria Trivisonno, and other expert opinions, on where we’re headed:

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