The beer category is a lot of fun. You can try all kinds of goofy stuff to get attention. While I’m not sure there is an actual strategy for most beer ads, who but an old-school ad planner actually cares. The ads are often funny and entertaining which is half the battle.
Now let’s admit, there is also a lot of stupid beer ads, most recently the Coors ads with coach quotes being taken out of context. Lame, don’t you agree? I won’t be drinking that battery acid any time soon.

So, it is with pleasure we recognize the fresh new approach from Dos Equis. It features the exploits of “The world’s most interesting man.” Most of the copy is really nice, and some is close to being brilliant such as, “He lives vicariously through himself” and “He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.” I also like the closing appeal to the some-time beer drinker “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.”

Will it work? Unscientifically, this Hemingway-esque character really appeals to men. Women, on the other hand don’t seem to get it. Probably OK given that men must be the target audience.

If you agree that one of the goals of advertising is to make the target audience feel good about a brand, then Dos Equis got it right. I was on a beer run with a guy that sells pizza ovens (not an ad guy) and he said. “Let’s get Dos Equis and support interesting advertising.” Wow. That’s a powerful endorsement for good work.
Ad peeps, no matter the category, there is always a way to do some good work. Stay thirsty my friends.