TourismOhio Brand Video
TourismOhio Fall Campaign


Situation we faced: How do you brand a state that is not known for anything iconic? This is the challenge that Cult’s ethnography and narrative science-based research tackled. Consumers from six states were studied to understand their perceptions of Ohio.

Insights: We found it was essentially a blank slate for tourism—Ohio was considered normal, flat and vanilla, with sprawling farmland and full of crazy Buckeye fans. Not satisfied, we dug deeper for an insight and found that travel in Ohio delivered on something interesting and potentially powerful: it facilitates deep, intimate connections with family and friends.


We leveraged that insight and developed a creative toolkit that shows people experiencing deep, emotional connections, followed by the tagline: Ohio. Find It Here. The new campaign included full creative development for TV commercials, print, digital, outdoor advertising (including state road signs) and many other media. Organic web traffic to for the month of July 2016 was up almost 200% compared to the previous year.