Situation we faced: Rocky needed a compelling and unifying brand position across all categories to drive the brand awareness and revenue.

INSIGHTS: The consumer vocabulary in the footwear category did not match Rocky’s messaging. Consumers connected with their footwear in a more emotional way and viewed it as a supporting element to achieve their goals. Rocky’s customers are passionate hunters, hard workers, NavySEALs, rodeo riders, and people trying to stay in shape. They are active and full of energy. They aspire to take their passion to a higher level. Rocky is not whimpy, pretentious, elegant, aloof, or lazy. Rocky made them feel confident, safe, invincible, and fearless.


Cult delivered impactful new brand message along with a powerful brand video and new photography. This helped communicate that Rocky footwear and clothing is for people who are active, engaged and on the go. Rocky’s superior comfort, design, insulation, and waterproofing system empowers them to achieve their personal best and gives them the confidence to succeed – CONFIDENCE IN ACTION.

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