Situation we faced: Fast-growing Quantum Health was not connecting with its customers on an emotional level, just with facts and figures. For a company that delivers an amazing healthcare experience to members at a time of need, this was a significant opportunity to differentiate from the competition. Quantum basically fixed the unfriendly healthcare journey experience while saving companies a ton of money. A win-win.

INSIGHTS: Without Quantum, the healthcare journey is scary, uncertain and unpleasant. Research uncovered that consumers who were thrust into the healthcare system felt like Dorothy in the land of Oz  – with apple-throwing trees, monkeys with wings, and flame-throwing witches. Like Dorothy, they are just looking for a way out and quantum provides that path to a better experience and outcome.


Cult helped revamp the brand from head to toe with identity, messaging and a sales and marketing plan. Clients now understand that Quantum Health provides a sanctuary from the harsh, unpleasant healthcare system. The tagline “control your healthcare journey” evokes the positive emotions of safe, peace of mind and signals a better experience ahead. With their new brand, Quantum Health has quickly grown and continues to impress prospective clients. Quantum Health is projected to grow 60% and will also be adding 200+ new jobs in the next year.

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