Opera Columbus Brand Video


Insights: Our extensive research of both opera fans and non-opera fans uncovered several key insights that drove our new brand strategy. Opera fans were generally exposed to opera through three primary channels: their parents, through musical training, or through a partner or friend relationship. They tend to be more formal and older than the mainstream population, and enjoy other forms of the arts as well. Non-opera fans who otherwise fit the target profile (attend live entertainment, enjoy a heavy social calendar, achieved higher levels of income and education) had some perceptions of opera that created significant barriers in their decision to attend. One, they could be intimidated by the genre of opera (sung in foreign languages, confusing, don’t understand the traditions) and two, the perceived experience (for old people, stuffy, boring, not “my scene”).


Cult positioned Opera Columbus as the organization that is breaking down the traditions of opera to create a fun and innovative experience for everyone, regardless of age, race, or demographic. We developed a new visual identity, selected compelling photos of people not normally associated with the opera, and developed its new tagline: Opera Columbus “Make it Yours.”

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