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Situation we faced: The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is an organization whose mission is to create a more favorable environment for businesses in Ohio. One goal for the organization is to convince voters in Ohio to support business-positive policies and initiatives.

Insights: We learned that there was a segment of the Ohio population that was anti-business. They believed that businesses were greedy, inclined to relocate jobs overseas, and opposed and attacked labor unions. They were not aware of all the wonderful things that companies do for their communities and the tax and revenue benefits they provide to support local services and initiatives.


Cult developed a statewide marketing campaign to convince the business-negative voters that businesses were good for Ohio workers and communities. Our tagline was “Ohio Businesses…Good for Life.” We produced four TV commercials, numerous digital/paid social executions, outdoor boards, a dedicated website, and social media channels and content. The creative assets demonstrated the positive benefits that businesses have had in Ohio. 

A pre-post campaign survey showed that Cult had significantly moved the needle to convince the target segment that businesses were in fact, good for life.

See the campaign’s website at ohiogoodforlife.com

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