Situation we faced: FacilitySource was growing exponentially and was transitioning its strategy to stay ahead of new and well funded entrants. Management believed the company was known as a software company and wanted to reposition itself more as a comprehensive trade services company.

Insights: Through a series of in-depth interviews with current and prospective clients, Cult learned that one of the earmarks of FacilitySource was its management style and corporate culture of hard work, its get-it-done attitude, and its exceptional commitment to reliable and fast service.


We repositioned FacilitySource using the concept of Up. And Running. which combines two important elements: One, it conveys what FacilitySource does on behalf of its clients which is to keep their businesses running at high levels of efficiency and with minimal downtime; and two, it reflects the FacilitySource attitude of “Hustle.” 

To internalize this new brand positioning, we developed a comprehensive Brand Manual that defines the brand elements and provides specific behaviors and guidelines that deliver and support the brand promise. It is distributed to all associates. We also launched the new brand with internal events and presentations. 

In 2018, CBRE purchased FacilitySource for $290M. Sales continue to increase at exponential rates and the new brand has been a successful platform for both inspiration and consistency.

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