Situation we faced: Start-up FacilitySource had an innovative and creative technology solution for retail facility maintenance management. The question was, how do you put this new company on the retail map?

INSIGHTS: FacilitySource was first to market and had to overcome the traditional thinking and antiquated processes in place. Cult discovered that a clients’ internal audiences could very likely be direct competition for FacilitySource and represented a significant sales barrier.


Cult developed the corporate identity and a brand launch strategy. With trade shows as an important point of contact, we devised a reverse psychology approach. The launch theme was “retail’s secret weapon” and featured an ultrasecret black box booth to create an air of exclusivity and actually keep uninvited guests out – atypical of tradeshow marketing. Cult mailed out exclusive kit invitations to top prospects which contained a special booth access card and secret agent sunglasses.

The booth won the national retail federation best booth award and was a huge crowd pleaser – a turnout of 60% invited. More importantly, FacilitySource launched its brand with a bold statement and has now converted many top retailers into customers including Abercrombie & Fitch, Bath & Body Works, Wendy’s, Darden restaurants, Victoria’s Secret, Domino’s, the Home Depot, A&P and many others.

Since the launch, Cult has continued to deliver effective strategies and campaigns for FacilitySource. “Big orange” is now the global leader in their industry, has grown to over 400 employees, and is expanding rapidly in the U.S. and Europe.