Situation we faced: Sales were flat, the brand was milquetoast, and the energy level was close to minimal life support.

INSIGHTS: Cowboy boots (or western boots in industry parlance) are not brand differentiated very well. However, we found that western boots have a wonderful and unique secret property – they transform a user’s emotional state. We call this a “transitional product.”  These boots make people feel badass, sexy, taller and tougher. They signal a change when slipped on – a night on the town, dancing, some hootch maybe.


Cult developed a completely new brand based on the archetype we called “outlaw fun.”  The Durango personality became a bold attitude: free, irreverent, fun, bodacious, mischievous, whimsical. The new branding inspired new and exciting product lines and increased awareness with both existing and new retailers. Sales were up 68% in the first year.

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