Cult has been extracting consumer information non-traditionally since 2004. Our process is what makes us stand out…what sets us apart from everyone else…what makes us experts at what we do.

It is what allows us to do what we’re passionate about:
Delivering the big idea that kills it – both strategically and creatively.


These are the two critical components for successful marketing.

Clarity and Impact Process

For us, creating clarity isn’t just about finding functional drivers. The sweet spot, the golden nugget, it is about understanding the subconscious drivers that engage at the emotional level.

These are the most powerful insights—the insights most research processes fail to reveal.

Our Process: Finding the golden nugget

How We Do It

Clarity is created through our innovative insights process. We use narratology and enhanced ethnography to provide scientifically-based insights into the consumer’s subconscious mind, their decision-making process, and their emotional connections to a product, service and brand. Blah, blah, blah.

What we really do well is translate these insights into big, audacious, riveting, effective creative ideas and unique marketing solutions to help companies achieve maximum impact.

That’s the cool stuff you tell your friends about.

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