Cult Marketing was engaged by TourismOhio in March of 2015 after a rigorous selection process. Cult was awarded the insights and brand strategy assignment, as well as the contract for all creative executions.

Why it’s Important:

The tourism industry is vitally important to the economy of Ohio. There are over 200 million tourism visits each year, generating billions of dollars in revenue, and supporting over 400,000 jobs.

Research & Insights Process:

Cult Marketing used several proprietary marketing research techniques to delve into the psyche of travel consumers. Through our Narrative Science and Ethnography approaches, Cult uncovered key insights into the emotional and subliminal motivations of why people really travel.

Key Findings:

We discovered that traveling is a Transitional Experience – that the very act of traveling alters a persons mental and emotional state. These high level emotional benefits experienced by travelers are both highly positive and extremely desirable.

The Brand Strategy:

The strategy is to link the diverse and interesting things to do and experience in Ohio with those positive, higher-level emotional benefits that travel generates.  Therefore, the strategy will focus on the joy, happiness, shared experiences, and emotional connections that you will experience while visiting Ohio.

The Execution:

The logo and tagline for TourismOhio is: Ohio. Find It Here.

What’s Next?

The brand will be rolled out in the coming months and we are confident that you will see how this new brand will inspire ohioans, and audiences outside the state, to turn their heads to ohio when considering travel options.