Clarity + Impact: The Formula For Your Brand’s Success

How do you come up with a big idea for your brand that kills it both strategically and creatively? At Cult, we’ve found the formula that works for our clients: Clarity + Impact = Growth. From massive retail brands like Walmart to healthcare companies like Quantum Health to service companies like FacilitySource, this formula has resulted in explosive growth for our clients every time. 

Clarity and impact are the pillars of a strong brand. Focus your efforts on these elements to develop a brand message that is clear, delivers an emotional punch, and will make people want to do business with you. 

1. What do clarity and impact even mean? 

What do clarity and impact even mean, especially in the context of your brand? Let’s break it down. Clarity is the sweet spot where you know your audience’s functional drivers and you’ve tapped into their emotional connections with your brand or product. You intimately understand what consumers are looking for on a basic, needs level but you’ve also uncovered their deep emotional connections to your brand. This is what makes them choose you versus your competitors and becoming brand evangelists. Uncovering this sense of clarity helps brands consistently deliver an emotional punch in their marketing efforts. 

At Cult, we love using our proprietary ethnography and narrative science techniques to dig deep into the psyche of consumers. 

Impact is the intersection of insights, strategy, and creativity. It’s here that a brand message forms an emotional bond with audiences and blows the competition straight out of the water. 

2. How are brands using this model to create killer strategies right now? 

It’s been interesting to watch how brands are navigating the current climate (à la COVID-19) to create messages that are clear, impactful, and geared towards growth. Some brands and industries are doing great right now and some are barely keeping their heads above the water with tone-deaf marketing. Here are some brands doing noteworthy work right now. 

Industries doing well in regards to sales, growth, and messaging are cleaning supplies, hygiene products, video conferencing software, grocery stores, do-it-yourself products, and booze to name a few. With all of us stuck at home, we’re blowing through kitchen and cleaning supplies as well as food more frequently than if things were “normal”. I’ve been thinking about little products that are a part of my everyday life that have been getting a lot of use recently – laundry detergent, dishwasher soap, or paper towels. I normally go out to eat a lot, so those dishwasher pods have become regulars at my house! And, people have lots of time for household projects so the DIY-ers are getting busy. 

These industries are doing well right now for several reasons. First, there is a legitimate demand for products in these industries. We are in the middle of a health crisis and people want to feel secure at home so they’re stockpiling groceries (and toilet paper!) as well as cleaning products. Second, brands in these industries have positioned themselves not only as essential but as a safety net for their customers. No, disinfecting wipes won’t eradicate the coronavirus across the globe, but the sense of safety and an extra layer of protection they afford connects with consumers possibly now more than ever before. Brands in these industries are succeeding because their strategies are built off the backs of clarity and impact both practically and creatively. 

Check out this example of Tide making an impact beyond sales.

3. Use this formula to bring energy to your brand and build for the future. 

Using the pillars of clarity and impact you can build a solid foundation for your brand. I know, I know, we harp on the benefits of understanding your audience at Cult a lot. But a brand or product with no deep connection to its consumers will fall flat. 

Develop a strategy for the long-term growth of your brand by creating a clear and impactful message today. Find the emotional connections between consumers and your company to craft a brilliant strategy that makes people want to do business with you now and in the long-term. 

Learn more about how Cult’s formula of clarity and impact can help your brand grow.