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Avatar: Word of Mouth or Mass Marketing?

Avatar passed the $1 billion in global ticket sales mark only three weeks into release. Pretty damn impressive by any standard. What is the big secret here, the $150 million marketing budget or the amazing word-of-mouth generated by the movie experience? If you look at movie marketing, many major financial successes are the result of […]

Stay Thirsty My Friends

The beer category is a lot of fun. You can try all kinds of goofy stuff to get attention. While I’m not sure there is an actual strategy for most beer ads, who but an old-school ad planner actually cares. The ads are often funny and entertaining which is half the battle. Now let’s admit, […]

The real economics of edgy?

We have a good friend who happens to be a prominent heart doctor who loves to sent us European TV ads. Why does he love these ads so much? Because Europeans run ads that are funny and brilliant and often quite effective in appealing to their target audience. They represent interesting and memorable work. The […]

The Spending Habits of Americans

There is much speculation concerning the spending habits of the American consumer post-recession. The question is, will this recession cause a permanent change is consumer behavior, or is this spending conservatism a temporary hiccup in the long standing American tradition of extravagance? Of course, we at Cult Marketing have the definitive opinion. Americans love to […]

Apocalypse Now and Marketing Myopia

Bob Garfield wrote a lead piece in Advertising Age documenting the collapse of the traditional media model. He noted the demise of major media powerhouses like The New York Times, WSJ, San Francisco Chronicle, the Tribute Co., Clear Channel and many others. He addressed the difficulty with reaching consumers with the rise of DVRs, satellite […]

The Steinbeck Factor™

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” – from the Robert Burns poem, used for a novella title by John Steinbeck. In marketing parlance, it means: sophisticated marketing plans undermined by an ill-advised comment from an associate. The perfect retail design butchered in the field. Product failures. Lousy service. Et cetera. […]

Demise of Apple?

I suggested that Ford was toast in a blog from 2006. Now add Apple to the list. One of the great cult brands in history is turning it’s back on its core (excuse the pun) customers and pulling out of Macworld next year. Steve Jobs is not giving the keynote address. Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior […]

Where is the Creative Line?

The debate between edgy and inappropriate creative has been hotly disputed over the years. Is any PR good PR? Does awareness of any kind justify the means? It’s well known that most of the corporate world has suppressed the edgy type of creative that agencies love. It’s pretty rare that a client says “more cowbell.” […]