Bob Garfield wrote a lead piece in Advertising Age documenting the collapse of the traditional media model. He noted the demise of major media powerhouses like The New York Times, WSJ, San Francisco Chronicle, the Tribute Co., Clear Channel and many others. He addressed the difficulty with reaching consumers with the rise of DVRs, satellite radio and the iPod. He pined over the lack of control we all have over brands as consumers have taken the reins. The piece officially signaled the dawn of a new era in advertising.

Unfortunately, industry guru Bob was only four years late!! Cult Marketing wrote that story four years ago when it issued the Cult Manifesto and distributed it to every major news outlet in the country. Not one published it. Our only pleasure is in being right. Want a copy, send us an email.

Trout & Ries coined the term “Marketing Myopia” in their landmark book Marketing Warfare. They pointed out how the railroad industry thought of itself as being in the railroad business rather than the transportation business. Seems like advertising agencies think of themselves as being in the advertising business not the customer development business.