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Do you have a fat strategy?

Most everyone has heard that the U.S. has a weight problem. But, it’s more than just a health care problem, it’s also a big issue for retailers. Cult Marketing just wrapped up a customer study for Tweens Brands (Justice and Limited too stores, girls 7-14) and this issue popped up to the forefront of the […]


Let the schmoozing begin! The drop in TV upfront spending is another sure sign that the traditional mass model is in trouble.

A Dangerous Analysis

Return on Investment: the ratio of money gained or lost on an investment relative to the amount of money invested. Pretty easy to measure in a controlled financial environment. Impossible – and potentially dangerous – to measure in a marketing environment. The long-standing quote from Wanamaker – “I know that half of my marketing is […]

Cult Marketing and Strategy

The word “Strategy” has been causing problems in the world of marketing for years. Strategy is about planning or carrying out something to achieve a goal, originally from the military term for conducting a battle or war. So, marketing strategy is really about a plan or implementation. The problem with strategy is it is used […]

Cult Marketing and movies

First there was the Blair Witch project. Then Napolean Dynamite. Now Borat. The one thing they all have in common is a non-traditional marketing approach. All three have created a significant amount of buzz and hype.

The Changing Landscape

Pontiac announced recently that they were launching a car only via the internet. No TV, print or anything else. Pretty big news if you’re an ad agency. Every day you can read about the changing landscape of marketing. TV ad viewership is way down, media is fragmenting, new media channels are popping up, advertising clutter […]